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Welcome to Harbor View Grille

We are a made from-scratch restaurant, specializing in local ingredients during every season

We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of vegetarian & gluten free options to satify to the most selective appetites


Trattoria Antipasti
Fresh tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Roasted Peppers, Artichokes w/ shaved parmesan, finished with basil pesto, balsamic & fire grilled bread 9.99

Loaded Ranch Fries GF
Skin-on French fries topped with chopped bacon and melted cheddar jack cheese, garnished with scallions and finished with house made ranch dressing - 7.99

Signature Bread Sticks V
Basted with olive oil, basil pesto, parmesan and
house dipping sauce - 6.99

Hand Battered Onion Rings V
Dusted in seasoned flour and dipped in our beer
batter, then fried crispy and served with a side
of southwest sauce - 6.99


We make all our soups in house. If you are unsure about an offering, please ask your server for a sample. It's that good!

Upgrade any soup option with Chowder - 1.59

Traditional Clam Chowder HS
This is the way it was meant to be. Clams, celery, onions, potatoes, bacon and fresh cream.
Cup - 4.29 Bowl - 5.29

Soup of the Day
Made by scratch from stock
Cup - 3.29 Bowl - 4.29
Soup & Chowder served with house bread, butter & saltines

Soup & Half Turkey Sandwich
Cup of soup with half sandwich of roasted turkey breast with provolone on homemade bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo with chips & pickle - 6.99

Soup & Bread Sticks
A bowl of our homemade soup, served with half
order of our signature bread sticks - 7.99

Salad & Bread Sticks
Half order of any entrée salad served with a half
order of our parmesan bread sticks - 8.99

Soup & Salad
A cup of homemade soup, served with your choice of a half order of any entrée salad - 8.99

V = vegetarian GF = gluten free HS = house specialty

w/ chef made sauce, 3 cheese blend, local grown herbs


The Parthenon V
Artichokes, olives,
roasted red peppers
and basil pesto 7.99

Grilled BBQ Chicken
Grilled chicken, bacon,
BBQ sauce, red onion 8.99

*Try our Gluten Free Crust from RW Baker, Muskegon 1.79


 Sicilian Margharita V
w/ basil pesto, ripe tomatoes, herbs and parmesan 7.99

White Lake BLT HS
Crisp bacon and cheddar
jack topped with shredded
lettuce, tomato & ranch 7.99

Served with homemade bread. Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, French, Balsamic, F. F. Raspberry Vin., Rosemary Vinaigrette

Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach with cucumbers, tomatoes, egg, bacon and red onions topped with shredded cheddar jack cheese, herbed croutons and choice of dressing 8.99

The Cobb Salad
A bed of mixed greens topped with diced turkey breast, chopped bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, hard boiled egg and crumbled bleu cheese, house made croutons and red onion 9.99

Twin City Salad V , GF
Blended lettuce garnished with cucumbers and tomatoes then
topped with pecans, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, bleu cheese, red onion and fat free raspberry vinaigrette 8.99

Mediterranean Salad V , GF
Mixed greens with tomatoes, artichokes, cucumbers, provolone, country olives and roasted sweet red peppers finished with
red onion, balsamic and parmesan - 8.99

Add grilled chicken 3.00 or seared shrimp 6.00 to any salad

House Desserts

Alice's Triple Chocolate Cake
A handed down family recipe made from Ghirardelli cocoa
powder & a few other things that she doesn't reveal...
then frosted with a cream cheese type ganache and finished
with chocolate syrup 4.89

Chef Made Seasonal Bread Pudding
This is a one of a kind regional favorite. We will follow the
seasons with different varieties and interpretations while
using a base of house baked bread, local eggs, cream, pure
vanilla & Michigan beet sugar 4.89



*Hot off the Grille
*Ask your server about menu items cooked to order

Harbor Grilled Burger
Lightly seasoned ground beef served on an artisan
roll 5.99 Add American, Provolone, Swiss 1.00

The Black & Bleu
Cajun spices with melted Wisconsin bleu 6.99

 American Burger
Apple wood bacon and American Cheese 7.99


The Ultimate Loaded
Apple wood bacon, green olives, sautéed mushrooms, American & provolone 7.99

Swiss & Sautéed Mushrooms
Domestic mushrooms & double Swiss 7.99

Served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles & chips


Sandwich Add On's
Make any sandwich a Basket with Skin-On Fries
& Slaw 1.99 Sweet Potato Fries & Slaw 2.99
or Homemade Onion Rings & Slaw 2.99

Turkey Ranch Wrap
Sliced roasted turkey breast served warm in a whole grain wrap with cheddar -jack cheese, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato & house made ranch dressing 7.99

Mojo Chicken Sandwich
Marinated and char grilled with a southwest flare. Topped with roasted peppers, sautéed onion, provolone & Cajun aoli 7.99

Crispy Fish Sandwich
Dusted with seasoned flour, batter dipped and fried crispy. Served with lettuce, tartar and lemon 6.99

Black Bean Burger V
Roasted corn, Michigan black beans, bell peppers, caramelized onion, cilantro & Cajun aoli $6.99

Grilled Cheese Florintino V
Grilled sourdough bread with melted provolone, swiss with fresh spinach, tomato & basil pesto $6.99

Homemade Turkey Sandwich
Oven roasted turkey breast with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on homemade bread. Red onion on request 6.99

 Small Plates - lighter portions 9.99
Served with house bread & butter

Beer Battered Cod w/ skin on fries & slaw

Crispy Fried Gulf Shrimp w/ fries & slaw

Southern Fried Chicken Tenderloins
w/ skin on fries & our signature slaw

Served after 4 p.m., Except on Sunday, then served all day

Harbor Grilled Pork Chop
w/ house potatoes & steamed vegetables

Island Grilled Breast of Chicken
with house pilaf & vegetable

Southwest Seared Cod
with house pilaf & vegetable

Roasted Corn & Black Bean Cakes
w/ roasted pepper sauce & cilantro sour cream

Served after 4 p.m., Except on Sunday, then served all day.
Served with choice of soup or salad with fresh bread and butter

 Old English Fish & Chips HS West Michigan's Finest
Served all day. Bering Sea, Alaskan Cod dredged in seasoned flour, beer batter dipped and served with skin on French fries, our signature slaw, lemon and homemade tartar. Malt vinegar on request - 13.99
Make it a Fishermans' Platter.....Add 5 crispy fried shrimp 5.00

 Roasted Corn & Black Bean Cakes V a house original
Roasted sweet corn & Michigan black beans blended with roasted peppers, onion, cilantro, lime & a touch of spice served with steamed vegetables
over red bell pepper sauce with cilantro sour cream 13.99
Add Cajun Grilled Chicken 3.00 or Garlic Sautéed Shrimp 5.00

Pasta di Parma
Sliced breast of chicken sautéed in olive oil with fresh chopped garlic,
olives, sundried tomato, spinach & pesto with house linguini and served
over sauce pomadoro $14.95 with Shrimp instead of chicken $18.99

Southwest Seared Alaskan Cod GF heart healthy
Lightly seasoned with house spices, pan seared on high heat to seal in flavor served over rice pilaf with steamed vegetables and fresh cut Lemons 13.99

Island Grilled Breast of Chicken GF heart healthy
Boneless breast marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lime, cilantro &
Chefs blend of Caribbean spice then char grilled. Served over house pilaf with fresh steamed vegetables and house made mango salsa 14.99

Harbor Grilled Pork Chops GF
Lean boneless pork chops lightly marinated then rubbed with garlic,
cracked pepper and sea salt then char grilled. Served with house
potatoes, steamed vegetables and Michigan apple chutney 14.99

Pan Seared Pasta Primavera V
A vegetarian delight packed full of flavor and variety. This dish is prepared
with fresh seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, and spinach sautéed with
olive oil, tomatoes, scallions and fresh basil pesto. Finished with shaved parmesan & chopped parsley 13.99 Add Marinara 1.59
Add Grilled Chicken 3.00 or Sautéed Shrimp 5.00

*Montreal Grilled Ribeye Steak GF
12 oz. well marbled choice beef, hand cut, seasoned w/ cracked pepper,
garlic and sea salt then char grilled to order. Served w/ sautéed onions and mushrooms with house potatoes, and steamed vegetables 19.99
Add 5 Crispy Fried Shrimp 5.00

*Ask your server about menu items cooked to order, Consuming raw or undercooked meat could increase your chance of food-borne illness

 Join us every week for:
Home Style Sunday
We get in early to make stock and proof the bread. This meal starts with a cup of homemade soup and fresh baked bread & butter. The entrée is carefully prepared in order to save the drippings for the gravy. Usually served with hand mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables (local when available) and dessert baked fresh from Alice's pantry. All for only 10.99