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Home Style Sunday
Cook the Catch
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Join Us Every Week for
Home Style Sunday 
This is the day for Emil & Alice to cook together and to present a comforting home style meal made from scratch. We get in early to proof & bake the bread, the soup is made from scratch that morning from stock. Potatoes are put on the stove for mashed and the meat is seasoned and roasted. Gravy is made from stock and then finished with the pan drippings. No meal is complete with out dessert, so every week Alice will make everything from her triple chocolate cake to apple crisp & her famous varieties of upside down cakes. If you have a favorite, please mention to your server and if possible we will let you know when we will feature it. We appreciate your business!

All for only $9.99

Stuffed Roasted Pork Loin

A typical Sunday Special: Tomato Bisque Soup served with fresh baked house bread & butter, Stuffed Roasted Pork Loin with hand mashed potatoes, steamed local vegetables (in season), gravy made from the drippins' & Michigan Apple Crisp for dessert $9.99 

Crock Pot Style Pork Roast


Turkey Dinner w/ mashed potatoes and buttered corn