Cook the Catch

Home Style Sunday
Cook the Catch
Destination Whitelake

Charter Fishing “Cook the Catch”
1. Must make reservation with number of guests and time of arrival at least 2 hours in advance.

2. Reservations must be made between 2:00 p.m. & 5:00 p.m..
3. All fish must be cleaned, filleted & skin - off when brought in.(Pinboned when appropriate)
            Please clean back of filet to remove dark meat that lays next to the skin.

4. 1 Guest must bring fish to kitchen door & direct other guest to main entrance.

5. Fish must me kept on ice at all times during fishing. Only fish caught on a charter boat is acceptable.

6. If fish is caught after service hours:a. Keep fish on ice during storage. Bring fish to the restaurant to be stored overnight if possible.b. Fish should be in a zip lock back with name of boat & Captain written on bag w/ markerc. Guest must make reservation for the next day’s meal. No fish to be stored more than 24 hours.

Cost is $15.00 per person & Includes Appetizer Platter, Fresh Baked Bread, Slaw & Entrée with Chefs choice of potato or rice & fresh vegetables

 The Menu

Appetizer – Pan Fried Peppered Fish Fingers
Fried Fish Platter w/ lemon & tartarSlaw, Bread & Butter

Entrée – Cajun Seared or Montreal Grilled 

Served on rice pilaf w/ steamed vegetables with homemade bread & butter, lemon, tartar

Please Visit The Whitelake Chamber of Commerce to find a local Fishing Charter

Please Click Here to Visit the Chamber of Commerce Website

Make your reservation here.
Must have atleast 3 day advanced notice

If with in the 3 days period, please call 893 - 0403 & we would be happy to help you

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